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  • Crystal clear water
  • Removes: odors, tannins, phenols, gases, pollutants, CO2, phosphates (PO4), silicates (SIO2), copper, metals and nitrogenous organic waste
  • Does not actively remove essential trace elements
  • Raises Redox (ORP) significantly
  • Controls ammonia, nitrites and nitrates
  • Removes contaminants and irritants harmful to coral, compounds carbon can’t remove alone, light blocking impurities and organics that degrade water quality by reducing oxygen
  • Stimulates coral and plant growth
  • Stabilizes pH (buffers without shock to fish)
  • Will not release organics back into tank once exhausted
  • Decreases need for water changes

CLEAR FX PRO is the most advanced all-in-one filtration media available on the market. Our cutting edge technology is compatible with both fresh and saltwater aquariums of all sizes. The easy to use media is the most comprehensive and reliable solution for aquarists of all skill levels.

The proprietary blend combines a super carbon, hybrid phosphate resin and organic scavenger resin. CLEAR FX PRO works rapidly to remove organic pollutants while leaving behind essential trace elements effectively keeping aquariums clean, clear and healthy for months.

    Blue Life CLEAR FX PRO All-in-one Filtration Media


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