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  • Use Fritz MetroCleanse in a quarantine tank
  • Remove activated carbon and ion-exchange resins during treatment. Discontinue use of skimmer and UV sterlizer during treatment
  • Can be used full strength with scaleless fish
  • Safe for invertebrates when using medicated food method including: corals, snails, shrimp, clams, other crustaceans and molluscs
  • Do not perform water changes during treatment if possible

Fritz MetroCleanse is a top of the line formula designed for use as a powerful and effective antibiotic and anti-parasitic treatment for a wide variety of both freshwater and saltwater diseases such as common protozoan and bacterial infections, Ich, Hexamita, Oodinium and internal and external parasites. The fast dissolving powder will not impact beneficial bacteria, is not toxic if overdosed and can be used safely in a medicated food mix for systems containing invertebrates. Comes with a pack of 20.

  • Remove all invertebrates prior to dosing. Use 1 packet of Fritz MetroCleanse per 20 gallons of aquarium water every 48 hours or until symptoms disappear; up to 10 treatments.

If using the medicated food method, use 1 packet of Fritz MetroCleanse mixed per tablespoon of normal food (add a bit of water if food is dry). Feed medicated food daily until symptoms disappear or up to three weeks.

    Fritz MetroCleanse


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