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No matter the size of your aquarium, Instant Ocean sea salts and water care products offer the smartest, easiest way to bring the ocean home. Scientifically formulated sea salts are used exclusively by many of the leading large-scale aquariums and research facilities across the country. Instant Ocean sea salt is the most carefully formulated, most universally preferred sea salt in the world. Free of nitrate and phosphate. Its superior solubility provides a clear, ready-to-use solution in minutes, quickly achieving and maintaining the ideal pH. Mix the Sea Salt with ordinary DE chlorinated tap water - for small quantities, use 1/2 cup per gallon of water. Stir vigorously to ensure a good mix. Use immediately or aerate the water until it achieves oxygen/carbon dioxide equilibrium. See product label for complete use directions.

Instant Ocean Fast Dissolving Sea Salt, 15 lbs

SKU: 0010

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