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  • Formulated to help provide large fish with color-boosting ingredients.
  • Floating pellets serve as an excellent substitute for flakes.
  • Suitable for marine and freshwater tropical aquarium fish.
  • Crafted with high-quality natural ingredients.
  • Made in the USA

Help your finned friend show her true colors with New Life Spectrum’s Float Extra Large Pellet. This fish food is crafted in the USA and is specially designed to help provide your scaly sidekicks with vibrant color using high-quality ingredients like Antarctic krill meal, whole herring meal, whole squid meal, algae meal and garlic, which has flavor-enhancing and anti-parasitic properties. It’s also packed with vitamins to help support overall health. The pellets measures approximately 5mm, making them the perfect size for larger fish.

    New Life Spectrum 350g Naturox Float Extra Large 5MM


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